General Overview

Public Procurement

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The EIPA website on public procurement provides background information on public procurement in Europe including relevant studies, EC legislation, EC documents and links to European and international websites. On this website you can also find all the EIPA activities related to public procurement performed both in Maastricht (EN) and in Barcelona (ES).

EU Rules and Documents on Public Procurement
This section of the website contains the most relevant EU legislation and Commission documents on public procurement.

European Commission, DG Internal Market, Public Procurement
The website of the DG Internal Market provides information on public procurement in the EU: legislation, guidelines, consultations, infringement proceedings and information on specific topics including remedies, public-private partnerships, electronic procurement and defence procurement.

Case Law
Curia, EUR-Lex, Infringement proceedings

SIMAP- Système d'Information pour les Marchés Publics
SIMAP provides background information, links and automatic exchange tools to public purchasers and businesses interested in public procurement opportunities in Europe. On this website you can find the standard forms for the publication of notices in the Supplement to the Official Journal.

Tenders Electronic Daily, the EU database of procurement contracts advertised in the Official Journal - S Series