Rob Boudewijn

External Expert
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Fields of Specialisation:
EU affairs; Lobbying; European Negotiations

CV in English

Rob Boudewijn is training director of the since 2008, a training, consultancy and research institute regarding European Affairs. The provides EU training modules for all Dutch universities and universities abroad, training institutes like College of Europe, the Regional School for Public Administration (ReSPA) in Montenegro, PBLQ, EIPA and several diplomatic academies in Europe (Vienna, Belgrade, Zagreb and Kiev). The is and has been involved in several EU funded training projects, like the development and implementation of a new standard EU training for civil servants in Croatia (2013) and Turkey (2012). The is not only responsible for the implementation of EU training courses, but also for the design of interactive curricula, learning materials, role plays and EU simulation games. Subjects of the EU training courses are, amongst others, The EU (informal) decision-making procedures, scenario exercise about the institutional and geographical future of the EU, EU negotiation techniques, role plays and several EU simulation games (varying from 2 hours to 2 days).

From April 2010 until December 2014 Rob was (part time) director of the. Ecorys Academy, the specialised training institute of Ecorys, responsible for several training projects, like European procurement, Public Financial management, European negotiation techniques and Impact assessment of EU funded projects for clients like ministries worldwide and international donors like the Worldbank and the European Commission.

Before that, he was amongst others senior lecturer European Union Studies at Nyenrode Business University (2009-March 2010), where he developed a new international MBA, and deputy head of the training department of the Netherlands Institute of International relations Clingendael, European Studies Programme for 10 years (1999-2008). At Clingendael Rob has set up the EU training programmes of the institute in both the Netherlands, all Member States of the EU and European Neighbourhood (ENP) countries, like Georgia, Armenia, andUkraine for civil servants and diplomats.

Before the Clingendael European Studies Programme, Rob was head of training at the European Platform for Dutch Education (1993-1998), the national Socrates agency, where he developed and implemented training courses for the educational sector.

Rob has over 20 years experience in developing and providing/implementing training courses. These training courses varied from two days basic training about EU affairs to training courses of half a year and more specialised courses like EU and international negotiation techniques and lobbying in Brussels for civil servants, diplomats, the private sector , NGO’s and other professionals. He has developed since 2000, executed and was team leader of, amongst others, the MTEC training courses How to Operate in Brussels, Social Affairs and Employment, How to Cooperate with Brussels, the How to Operate in Brussels alumni the in-Company How to Operate in Brussels in Poland and, more recently, the Instrument for Pre-Accession training (November 2011), Structural Funds training courses and, most recent, the Matra Patrol courses about European Procurement and Public Finance Management (2012-present) and the Matra South watermanagement training (2012-present) on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Main goals of these training courses were on the one hand the transfer of knowledge and skills and on the other hand to stimulate networking (West-East, East-East and North-South) by providing communication and networking training and training skills like presentation, debating communication and negotiation techniques . Besides being project leader of these training courses, Rob has extensive experience with the design of interactive curricula, train the trainers programs, individual- and group coaching programs, the design and implementation of tutor programs, train the trainer programs and leadership development programs, innovative teaching and learning methods and the development of simulation games and role plays..

Rob published the last 6 years approximately 50 articles about several aspects of the EU integration process and he is a frequent commentator in the media about recent EU and international developments.