Roberta Ribeiro Oertel

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Fields of Specialisation:

The constitutional and judicial system of the European Union; EU judicial cooperation (particularly civil matters); EU competition law; private international law; contract law; alternative dispute resolution and family law

CV in English

Roberta Ribeiro Oertel is a Lecturer at EIPA Luxembourg – European Centre for Judges and Lawyers. She studied Law at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo, Brazil (1996-2000). She went on to obtain a Master in International Law (2003) from the University of Strasbourg, France. In 2013 Roberta also submitted a PhD at the Faculty of Law in Strasbourg.

Roberta has worked for the Ecole régional des Avocats du Grand-Est in Strasbourg (2006-2010), where she was Director of legal training for lawyers responsible for developing and preparing training. Since then, she has been teaching regularly at the Ecole des Avocats de Paris (EFB) in a number of projects related to European law in the field of civil and commercial matters.

Before joining EIPA, Roberta worked as a lawyer in Strasbourg (2007-2010) and Brazil for several years (2001-2013). She also represented interests of private companies in Brussels in the field of competition law, arbitration, mediation and international trading (2004-2005).