Academic Staff Directory
EIPA Maastricht

Academic Staff Directory

EIPA can rely on a permanent team of highly skilled staff consisting of academics, civil servants and other practitioners from most EU Member States and countries associated with the Institute. Practical know-how and scientific excellence form a strong combination in conducting research and delivering training on the key topics related to the European integration process.

Renowned lecturers from the European Commission, civil servants and other practitioners from EU Member States and countries associated with the Institute share their practical know-how and provide tools to tackle complex issues. Our lecturers have worked in different national contexts and offer comparative perspectives in practice-oriented and interactive training courses.

Dr Edward Best (UK)Head of Unit “European Decision-Making”; Professor
Rita Beuter (DE)Senior Expert
Julia Bosse (DE)Researcher
Rob Boudewijn (NL)External Expert
Paola Bruni (IT)Researcher
Michael Burnett BA FCA MCIPS MCIPD (UK)Expert
Igor Dizdarevic (FR)Lecturer
Dr Alina Domaradzka (PL)Lecturer
Dr Simon Duke (UK)Professor
Peter Goldschmidt (DK)Expert; Director of the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers
Alexander Heichlinger (AT)Expert
Virgil Ivan-Cucu (RO)Senior Lecturer
Dr Theo Jans (BE)Associate Professor
Petra Jeney (HU)Senior Lecturer
Dr Iwona Karwot (PL)Senior Lecturer
Wolfgang Koeth (DE)Senior Lecturer
Tomasz Kramer (PL)Lecturer
Dr Sabina Lange (SI)Lecturer
Frank Lavadoux (FR)Senior Lecturer
Marco Lopriore (IT)Expert
Juan Diego Ramírez-Cárdenas Díaz (ES)Senior Lecturer
Roberta Ribeiro Oertel (DE)Lecturer
Harrie Scholtens (NL)Expert, Programme Organiser Coordinator
Pavlina Stoykova (BG)Coordinator Contracting and Tendering / Lecturer
Cristiana Turchetti (IT)Head of Unit
Martin Unfried (DE)Expert
Gracia Vara Arribas (ES)Expert