CAF Activities

CAF Training at EIPA

We will soon publish an overview of the CAF open enrolment activities at EIPA for 2018.

In addition to this training course, we offer tailor-made courses on request. The CAF RC will be pleased to help you to design your own seminar. These customised courses can be organised at EIPA’s premises in Maastricht, the premises of your organisation or at any other location. Request information.

EU CAF Users Events

Since the launch of CAF in 2000, it was clear that mutual understanding and bench learning among CAF users would be a strong impetus for the success of the model in Europe. European CAF Users’ Events are thus organised biannually with the aim of being an inspiring meeting point for CAF users and to further spread TQM in the public sector in Europe.

The 8th European CAF Users Event is planned to take place in April 2018 under the Bulgarian Presidency in Bulgaria. More information will be published on this website and communicated to all members of the community via the CAF Newsletter.

Consult the pages on EU CAF Users’ Events for more information on previously held events.

European Quality Conferences

The European Quality Conference is a biannual event gathering all the experts on quality management in the public sector from the EU and beyond. The conferences are one of the key products of the European Network of Public Administrations (EUPAN) in which EIPA and CAF since many years are one of the strong holders.

The previous and 9th European Quality Conference took place in Malta on 15-16 May 2017. The focus of the 2-day conference was on 'Joining forces and breaking silos towards a better performing, transparent and inclusive public administration'.

Four keynote speakers delivered inspiring speeches and 36 case studies were structured in 20 sessions around the following 4 topics:

  1. A Human Resource management for the public sector of the 21st century.
  2. Cooperative policymaking and implementation as the condition for impact of the public sector on society.
  3. Innovative service delivery to citizens and business to satisfy citizen/customers’ needs.
  4. Open and transparent government as solid foundation.
To view the conferences documents, go to the website or consult the pages on EU Quality Conferences.