CAF Self-Assessment e-Tool

The CAF Self Assessment e-Tool – Introduction

The CAF Resource Centre is pleased to provide the CAF users community with the CAF Self Assessment e-Tool which aims to facilitate applying CAF in your organisation.

This e-Tool has been developed at the CAF Resource Centre (RC) based at the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in Maastricht/Netherlands. Inspiration for the project has been drawn from our Danish CAF colleagues who provided a precursor, the Danish KVIK tool. 
The CAF Self Assessment eTool is at the disposal of all organisations that have applied the CAF or have taken an official decision to do so. In order to get access to the e-Tool facilities your organisation has to register with the CAF RC, which can be done via the registration form provided there under CAF User Registration.

The CAF Self Assessment tool gives you many possibilities to ease consensus finding and transparency in your CAF application. It allows:

  • members of the Self Assessment Group (SAG) to introduce evidence of strengths and areas of improvements, and the associated scores
  • the Group Administrator to easily gather an overview of the results of the SAGs in order to prepare the meeting for consensus finding  e.g. he can print out an overview of all the scores and evidence provided by the SAG members
  • the SAG Administrator to develop a consensus score as a common result of the SAG
    as a voluntary option, the Organisation Administrator to submit the final self assessment scores to the CAF Resource Centre

The CAF RC will only see the final scores if they are submitted by the Organisation Administrator.
If you have more questions about the use and purpose of the CAF Self Assessment e-Tool and/or the CAF in general, do not hesitate to contact us:

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