CAF Users Database

Public access

The details on numbers of registered CAF Users in Europe and abroad are available here.

The CAF database contains general information as well as a number of good practices, allowing other organisations interested in sharing experiences and international bench learning to identify possible partner organisations. There are two levels of information and search facilities:
  • identification: the name of the organisation, the sector in which the organisation is working (e.g. local government, education, health), as well as the country
  • details on good practices related to specific CAF sub criteria.


We invite CAF users to register their organisation in the European CAF network. If your organisation has used the CAF or is planning to do so, you can register here.

Why register?

  • You will become part of the CAF Community and keep abreast of relevant actions/ events;
  • Bench learning: you can participate in the exchange of experiences between CAF users all over Europe, learn from each other's strengths and help each other in implementing improvements. To that end, the website
    1. allows you to upload your own good practices
    2. provides information / search facilities on good practices;
  • You can benefit from the online management tool for self-assessment (e-Tool) put at your disposal to facilitate self-assessment with the CAF and the consensus process;
  • You allow the CAF RC to gain a realistic view of the use of the CAF in Europe and abroad and to share this information with the network. .

Steps and options

  • Registration form: Register the basic details of your organisation and request access to the users' database.
  • After a check by the CAF Resource Centre, you will be given individual access.
  • You can use the e-Tool to facilitate the consensus process.
  • You can describe/upload the good practices in your organisation.