CAF Resource Centre

The CAF Resource Centre (RC) was established in May 2001 at the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in Maastricht.

  • to be a centre of expertise in CAF implementation promoting the CAF and good practice in its use in public administrations in Europe;
  • to act as a complement to, and in coordination with, the existing national centres of expertise, and with a focus on countries without a national centre of expertise;
  • to be a training and consultancy centre;
  • to carry out research on the use of the model and further develop it;
  • to support and stimulate the European network of national CAF contacts and the community of CAF users;
  • to maintain the CAF database for registered users and good practices.
The CAF RC operates in a spirit of open coordination between the members of the European Public Administration Network (EUPAN) and practises common European public-sector values: openness, accountability, participation, diversity, equality, solidarity, collaboration and partnership. We aim to be customer-oriented, efficient, effective and result-oriented.

CAF Network

The CAF-Network consists of the national correspondents in charge of the dissemination of the CAF at national level and the European CAF Resource Centre at EIPA.

The CAF network’s mission is to move public organisations towards excellence and to improve the performance of public administrations by promoting and facilitating the use of CAF.

The overall vision of the CAF Resource centre and the CAF network can be described as 'Keep Total Quality Management in the focus of public sector policies of the Member States and the European Institutions through our common framework, in order to raise the quality of services for the citizens.'

CAF Vision Note 2016
Presented to the EUPAN DG’s meeting in December 2016 under the Slovak Presidency. [download]