Useful links and EU publications

Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the award of concession contracts {SEC(2011) 1588 final} {SEC(2011) 1589 final}
Commission Communication on mobilising private and public investment for recovery and long term structural change: developing Public Private Partnerships COM(2009) 615 November 2009 

Commission Interpretative Communication on the application of Community law on Public Procurement and Concessions to Institutionalised Public-Private Partnerships (IPPP) COM (2007) 6661 February 2008

Commission Communication on Public-Private Partnerships and Community Law on Public Procurement and Concessions, COM (2005) 569 November 2005

Commission Green Paper on public-private partnerships and Community law on public contracts and concessions COM(2004)327 April 2004

Commission Guidelines for Successful Public Private Partnerships (DG Regional Policy) March 2003

Commission Resource Book on PPP Case Studies (DG Regional Policy) June 2004

The EIB's role in Public-Private Partnerships July 2004


European Investment Bank - European PPP Centre