EU Rules and Documents

Public Procurement and Concession Directives

The "Classical" Directive -
Directive 2004/18/EC on the coordination of procedures for the award of public works contracts, public  supply contracts and public service contracts.

The "Utilities" Directive - Directive 2004/17/EC  coordinating the procurement procedures of entities operating in the water, energy,  transport and postal services sectors

The "Defense and Security Directive" - Directive 2009/81/EC on the coordination of procedures for the award of certain works contracts, supply contracts and service contracts by contracting authorities or entities in the fields of defence and security, and amending Directives 2004/17/EC and 2004/18/EC

Directives on Remedies

Modernisation of the EU Public Procurement rules (process)

Legislation and Documents on Thresholds

Legislation on the Common Procurement Vocabulary

Legislation on Standard Forms for the Publication of Notices

Legislation on lists of contracting entities and contracting authorities

Explanatory notes on the Classical and Utilities Directives

Public-Public Cooperation

Contract Awards not or not fully subject to the provisions of Public Procurement

Other Documents on Remedies

Defence procurement

Social considerations in Public Procurement

Green procurement

Electronic procurement

Public-Private Partnerships

For more documents and information on PPP's, please see the European PPP Forum –website.

Legislative package of the Clasical and Utilities Directives- the reform process

Studies on Public Procurement