CAF Good Practices

This section gives all CAF users the opportunity to upload and share a summary of their good CAF practice with those interested in European wide bench learning and communication. Also, the users have the possibility to present their achievements reached by applying the CAF and everyone interested can learn from organisations that have applied the CAF.

Search for Good Practices

Among the Good Practices introduced here, there are 29 that also have been published under the title "CAF Works" by the Austrian Presidency of the EU in 2006 and all Good Practices that have been nominated at the annual Quality Conferences for European Public Administrations. If you are interested in taking a look at all Good Practices that have been nominated for the Quality Conferences, e.g. also those that have applied other self assessment tools than the CAF, you can get direct access via the "Activities" section on our website.

Each Good Practice gives a short overview about the organisation and outlines the main improvements/results that could be achieved by applying the CAF. Furthermore contact details are provided to allow for bench learning and establishing links between organisations using the CAF.

Your organisation has used the CAF? – An Invitation
If your organisation has applied the CAF and you want to share your findings with others and therefore possibly assist them with their own CAF application you are more than welcome to upload your case and therewith also contribute to a European wide network of CAF users that mutually assist each other and by sharing information about their CAF applications.