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EIPA Barcelona

About the Centre
EIPA’s Centre in Barcelona was created in 1996 through an agreement between EIPA and the Government of Catalonia. Since 2014, both the City Council of Barcelona and the Province of Barcelona adhered to the institutional support for the antenna.

The Antenna provides training activities, research and consultancy on topics such as the role and functions of sub-state administrations in the European integration process, aspects of European local and regional economic development, as well as specific programmes relating to the EU’s reinvigorated Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.

Areas of expertise
We offer activities in the following thematic areas:

  • Multilevel governance and EU legislation: analysis of the tools and mechanisms for effective participation and involvement of the regional and local authorities in the policy-making cycle, adequate impact assessment, effective transposition of European rules, subsidiarity control, and implementation of laws with high territorial relevance.
  • Public administration: support for enhancing the Europeanisation and political positioning of regions and cities within the European context, including institutional and administrative capacity building, evaluation of public policies, e-governance and quality management in the regional and local public sector.
  • Regional and local development in the EU: tools and practical experiences for using networks, regional policies, developing project strategies for EU programmes and funds in order to place your region and city in the European landscape and contribute to its competitiveness, growth and prosperity in line with the EU 2020 Strategy.

In addition, and since 2002, the EIPA Centre in Barcelona has been carrying out training programmes for the public administrations of the Mediterranean Partners in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. EIPA Barcelona has thus a solid expertise in assisting Neighbour and Accession countries to create the capacity necessary for the management of European Union programmes.

Learning & development activities

  • Open seminars: Every year, EIPA Barcelona offers open seminars on the bases of its core expertise, on its own initiative, for which participants register individually
  • Tailor-made courses: Moreover, EIPA Barcelona develops tailor-made courses for clients, notably regions and cities in Europe. It also develops new areas of activity beyond these established fields.

Research and consultancy assignments
The regions and cities in Europe have constantly been gaining an increasingly substantial role in the European integration process and are taking their territorial development and strategic steering within this context very seriously. In order to meet the specific needs of regions and cities in the European Union, EIPA provides – through its antenna – tailor-made research and comparative analysis between territorial administrations, networking, and dissemination of best practices for cooperation.

For instance, in the period 2010-2012, EIPA Barcelona was awarded two framework contracts by the Committee of the Regions (CoR): one for the creation of the Scoreboard on Multilevel Governance (MLG) for monitoring on a yearly basis the development of MLG at EU level (click here); the other was to serve the CoR as external experts in the area of EU constitutional affairs. Within this contract, the CoR has published the results of EIPA’s work on “The division of powers in the EU” in its web page.

In 2012, the City of Bilbao commissioned EIPA Barcelona to carry out a comparative benchmark exercise of seven European cities rewarded by the EPSA 2009 or EPSA 2011 editions (i.e. Bilbao (ES), Birmingham (UK), Mannheim (DE), Milan (IT), Tallinn (EE), Tampere (FI) and Trondheim (NO)). EIPA coordinated this overall assignment, including the process of data collection (questionnaire and several field visits), the partner meetings and production of the publication. The result in form of a publication called “In Search of Local Public Management Excellence. Seven Journeys to Success” demonstrates that various creative and smart routes to excellent solutions are possible, by analysing success stories in different areas of local public management from the seven European.

EIPA’s Barcelona Flagships

EuroMed and external projects
EIPA Barcelona has been the Programme Management Unit for five EuroMed regional programmes: EuroMed Market Programme (2002-2009), EuroMed Training of Public Administrations (2004-2009), EuroMed Justice I (2005-2007), EuroMed Justice II (2008-2010) and EuroMed Justice III (2011-2015). In addition, EIPA’s Office in Barcelona is currently the project office of the EuroMed Justice IV project (2016-2019) since EIPA is the main partner of a consortium led by FIIAPP. The overall objective of EuroMed Justice IV is to contribute to the development of a Euro-Mediterranean area of effective, efficient and democratic justice system respectful and protective of human rights by the strengthening of the rule of law and continuously progressing towards the alignment to international legal frameworks, principles and standards. (

The European City Economic and Financial Governance (CEFG) Group
The European “City Economic and Financial Governance Group (CEFG Group)” was initiated in June 2014 by the City Council of Barcelona (ES) together with the cities of Dublin (IE), Hamburg (DE), the City of London (UK), Milan (IT) and Vienna (A), representing approximately 30 million inhabitants in their metropolitan areas. This high-level partnership of CEOs/CFOs and Directors of Finance in the field of economic and financial governance is a timely initiative, supported and recognised by the European Commission - Eurostat – as it coincides with their efforts to formulate the ESA and EPSAS and to implement them across the EU. The uniqueness of the partnership consists in the fact that it is the first time that fiscal and financial management issues are discussed from a cross-border perspective at city level.

After the success of the initial period and results obtained, a decision was taken to enlarge the CEFG Group to eight official city members: the cities of Amsterdam (NL), Barcelona (ES), Bordeaux (FR), Dublin (IE), Hamburg (DE), the City of London (UK), Milan (IT) and Vilnius (LT). For more information, read the Standardised Financial Reports and Financial Health KPIs for City Governments in Europe, the unique and main output of the first phase of the CEFG Group.

Request tailor-made courses
On the bases of the core modules, we develop tailor-made courses for clients. It also develops new areas of activity beyond the established fields and engages in research, both to ensure the quality of training and to contribute to scientific knowledge.

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